I want you to be everything that's you,
deep at the center of your being.

— Confucius

Tai Chi Classes

Experience the Joy of Tai Chi through our series of focused on-site sessions. Our eight-week programs are tailored towards recovery, rehabilitation, and senior movement. Strengthen your phsyical and mental connection with each Tai Chi session.

Beginners Class

Our Beginners Class is structured for the true beginner in mind, those with no prior experience in Tai Chi or Qigong. This class will introduce you to the relaxing, meditative posture of the art. You will learn the Ying and Yang reverse breathing techniques as well as a six movement form. This class is designed not only for the beginner but for those recovering from physical and/or mental stress. This class is static and students can be seated or standing.

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4 Energies Class

Our second level class is structured for those who have some prior knowledge of the breathing and posture of the art of tai chi, whether you have taken our level 1 class or had training elsewhere. Relaxation, breath work , posture and balance will be incorporated into the teaching of the for energies movements; Peng, Lu, Ji and Ang. Exploring how Tai Chi energy moves in the body through breath, movement and relaxation.

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Form 24

The Yang style Tai Chi form know as 24 is the national form of China and the most widely know Tai Chi form in the world. This class will give you a brief the history of the form, as well as walk you slowly through it's movements. This class requires a completion of the beginners class and/or prior knowledge and practice of Yang style Tai Chi. This class is non-static and taught in a standing position with breath, meditation and balance work incorporated. Our 4 energies class is not required but recommended.

Level 1
Breath, Balance, Meditation and movements 1-8

Level 2
Breath, Balance, Meditation and movements 9-16

Level 3
Breath, Balance, Meditation and movements 17-24

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Individual Private Classes

Our private classes are tailored to the individuals' needs and desires. They include but are not limited to meditation, breath work, balance, Qigong and Tai Chi forms. Please speak to Shifu Joyce, via email or phone about your needs and for scheduling.

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